New Hampshire House Passes MMJ Bill

Yesterday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to pass a bill allowing terminally and seriously ill patients to use marijuana for medicinal reasons.

The bill, HB 442, is similar to a bill that had been vetoed two years ago by Governor John Lynch. The language, which can be found in its entirety here, includes a provision for licensed treatment centers which would be permitted to distribute marijuana to authorized patients.

The bill says that approved caregivers or patients may obtain one ounce of marijuana every ten days, and may possess up to two ounces at any time.

It passed the House in a 221-96 vote, and now gets moved to the Senate for debate and a vote there.

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6 Responses to New Hampshire House Passes MMJ Bill

  1. lindzzz says:

    I am overwhelmed by the majority of support of the House of Representatives for medical cannabis in New Hampshire. Although the law seems very controlled, it is still a great step towards the overall acceptance of cannabis as a legitimate medical treatment. I think that if this law passes it won’t be long until amendments are made to allow patients with psychological and physical ailments that aren’t life-threatening to use medical cannabis as well.

  2. Marijuanamama says:

    Wow, what a majority ruling. Does that not tell them something? Anyway if the US keeps making these baby steps hopefully we will live long enough to see a new world. One where you can go get your medicine in no matter what state you live in. Keep at it New Hampshire, we are all rooting for your patients.

  3. Bud Selektor says:

    Yes the majority vote really tells you something. I hope that more will follow and that this bill makes it all the way. Remember States, there is a lot of money to be made and put into good use all the way to the community level.

  4. Chief says:

    This is excellent news. Taking steps in the right direction will cause other states to see the results of easing up on calling MMJ a crime. Maybe one day it will be the way it is in California, at least in the Bay Area where cops ask you if you have anything on you and when you tell them my medicine then they don’t hassle you about it.

  5. Medicator says:

    These types of actions are inspiring and a great boost to the medical marijuana community. Advocates, patients and pro cannabis people can celebrate the victory in New Hampshire. As others have posted, I hope this will be an incentive to other communities and states to rethink the medical marijuana debate. There are plenty of facts and figures already documented that can prove the positive effects of marijuana.

  6. This is definitely a baby step for New Hampshire, but a step nonetheless. I really hope this bill is made into a law sooner than later for the patients sake. This could be great for their treatment and even bigger for the community at large once the results of improving conditions and testimonies by patients are promoted. Great post.