Friday Film Festival: What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?

It’s been featured at the Sausalito film Festival, and featured in Whole Life Magazine. What is it? Why, the new film What if Cannabis Cured Cancer by Len Richmond, of course.

This movie is an in-depth look at the medical benefits of cannabis – and we’re talking way more than merely helping to cure cancer, here. The trailer is below. The complete film is available from

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4 Responses to Friday Film Festival: What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?

  1. Medicator says:

    I was happy to have the change to see a small part of the film on the video provided here. The article was very informative however the visual examples showing the death of cancer cells are even more dramatic. This may be the first of many films that can help advocate the numerous positive effects created by using medicinal marijuana.

  2. Marijuanamama says:

    If the world doesn’t start seeing more articles and videos that will show them exactly how great of a benefit that medical marijuana has when will the world change. More of these types of videos need to be spread to change the ever increasing stupidity of the masses who still hold to the old reefer madness ignorance. They say ignorance is bliss, but in reality it is just a pain to those of us who aren’t ignorant. Keep the videos coming and keep spreading the truth.

  3. Bud Selektor says:

    This is fantastic. People need to see more of programs like this. This evidence, if true, need to be publicized. Let’s get the word out there, get all states to adopt MMJ laws, and start working on alternative methods to treat and cure these diseases.

  4. This is some really great film footage. I like the production and clarity of the information provided as well. This snippet has definitely intrigued me enough to watch the entire film. I’ll also be sending people to watch this video. Knowledge is power