Fort Collins, CO: We’re Not an MMJ Hub, No Really

The mayor and other city officials say it isn’t so, but anti-drug critics say that by allowing as many as 23 medical marijuana dispensaries to continue operating in the Fort Collins, Co, despite the fact that most are in violation of distance requirements from schools and churches, the city is a hub for medicinal cannabis.

The critics also insist that the number of medical marijuana-related businesses in town should be capped.

One such critic is Scoot Crandall, executive director of Team Fort Collins, an organization that fights substance abuse among kids, who told the press, “My main concern is that we’re saying this a medication with no harmful side effects. We’re already seeing use rates among young people go up, and pot is not compatible with the healthy development of the brain.”

But Mayor Doug Hutchinson says that the restrictions Fort Collins has placed on medical-marijuana businesses are actually tougher than what the state of Colorado requires.

Last week, Hutchinson voted with the 5-2 majority to grandfather in medical marijuana-related businesses that are either already in operation in his city, or are in the process of becoming licensed.

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7 Responses to Fort Collins, CO: We’re Not an MMJ Hub, No Really

  1. Chief says:

    The critics are saying that we say that the medication has no harmful side effects? Well that’s not true, nobody is saying that. I think that is one of the biggest misconceptions about it because it helps so many different things simultaneously. If anyone ever asks you if MMJ has any side effects, just say it is just like anything else that is taken over a long period of time. It would certainly help if everyone understood that.

  2. Ha-Y-N Boi In CO says:

    i agree with chief on that one, EVERYTHING has side effects if taken long enough…i dont think capping the amount would do any good…mmj dispensaries have brought money to CO as well as jobs and medicine. there will always be that few people that mess things up, no matter what it is

  3. lindzzz says:

    I agree that all medicines have side effects, but the fact is that most of the pills that medical cannabis would replace have much worse side effects than said cannabis. There has always been a ‘problem’ with kids trying cannabis, and the advent of medical cannabis clinics is not the cause. If anything it is the misinformation that we give to children that causes them to seek out knowledge from personal experience. Personally I do not know any medical cannabis user who would willingly buy medicine for a child. There are a lot of rules about using your recommendation only to obtain medical cannabis for yourself, and if caught buying and distributing it to minors you should get into some kind of legal trouble. It is the few people who abuse their recommendations that make the rest of us look bad.

  4. Medicator says:

    As with many of the articles we’ve seen in the news recently, once the communities see the revenue from the dispensaries they’ll start singing a different tune. It would seem a better idea to put out some facts and figures on cities already involved in the marijuana business, than second guess what could happen. Any potential side effects should be listed along with all of the healing qualities of medicinal cannabis.

  5. It just seems like a lot of people up here need to get some business of their own and mind it. The MAYOR is fine with everything going on in his city. The majority of citizens probably aren’t complaining because they are satisfied patients. Pot use won’t hurt the society of Fort Collins. More stoners be square mile would probably increase the peace.

  6. Bud Selektor says:

    Isn’t it anti-capitalist to limit the number of any business in a given area. There is no monopoly here. People need to come to grips and realize that MMJ is NOT going to threaten their way of life.

  7. MrDoc says:

    The community of people who use cannabis for medicinal reasons are not thinking of it as a cure all medication. I guarantee if you were able to take a survey of all people who have smoked weed in their lifetime, I would bet on a good amount of the people knowing that side effects exist of some sort. Even the kids who are smoking it at a young age know something is bad about it, the persona around weed is that it is something bad. I feel that the ” medication with no harmful side effects ” is a bunch of crap, everything is life had effects, I can’t believe they even said that. Also, I believe their is studies backing the facts behind 50% of highschool teenagers using weed years upon years ago, and now the number is still around 50%. If anything is rising it is the amount of drinking and hard drugs being used, I hope kids stick to smoking their weed and don’t find out how easy it is to get their hands on much more life threatening drugs.