Grow Lights in Home Pot Gardens Cause Fires in Santa Rosa

In less than a week, faulty electrical wiring in indoor marijuana gardens has caused two apartment fires in Santa Rosa, California.

According to Battalion Chief Mark Basque, the latest blaze yesterday morning destroyed the apartment unit where it began, and also caused smoke and water damage to three others, with an estimated cost of $70,000.

Speaking with reporters from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Basque said that the unidentified male tenant had been growing pot in one of his apartment’s bedrooms, though the fire originated in the attic.

The man has been given temporary shelter from the American Red Cross.

Last Wednesday, a separate fire caused around $20,000 in damage to a Santa Rosa duplex where a couple had an indoor garden for medical marijuana. According to Chief Basque, that blaze was sparked by overloaded circuits from the grow-lights being used.

Just one more reason to make medical marijuana dispensaries easier to open and easier to access.

Also, one has to wonder if using LED grow lights would have helped avert the problem, since LEDs use far less power.

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2 Responses to Grow Lights in Home Pot Gardens Cause Fires in Santa Rosa

  1. You would think that LED lights are the preferred lights used by growers. It’s more economically and environmentally friendly. Also, Santa Rosa seems like a bad place for growers. This is the first time I’ve heard about such a large fire from growing marijuana. At least the Red Cross stepped in to help. Some good news is better than none.

  2. Nix says:

    LED lights run cooler than regular lights but the quality of the medication suffers a bit.. but I think it is safer than running several UV lights on a single outlet. Could it also be possible that these dwellings are old and that the wiring was due for an update? I hope all the people that are now homeless due to these fires are able to get assistance to get back on their feet and into homes again very soon.