Colorado: Marijuana Munchies? Maybe Not

KRDO reported over the weekend about a new bill, House Bill 11-1250, that is threatening the medical marijuana business in Colorado. Specifically, the bill would turn edibles – marijuana-infused cookies, brownies, candies and drinks – into contraband.

According to Representative Bob Gardener, of House District 21, “Law enforcement tells us marijuana lollipops, marijuana candy, marijuana brownies are making appearances in school yards across the state.” Gardner also said that the bill, which is set for a hearing by the House Judiciary Committee on March 1st, was sponsored by Representative Cindy Acree.

Opponents of the bill don’t believe it will do anything to curb marijuana abuse. Instead, they say, it will just force thousands of patients to have to smoke or otherwise inhale their medicinal cannabis.

Renze Waddington, a medical marijuana dispensary owners, said that about 15-20% of his business comes from edibles. “Smoking isn’t the healthiest way to consume medical marijuana,” he said. Waddington also told reporters from KRDO that he didn’t think the bill would succeed. “I think the bill’s going to get shot down, no chance at passing.”

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3 Responses to Colorado: Marijuana Munchies? Maybe Not

  1. This would be very disappointing news to me if I was a medical marijuana patient that prefers edibles over smoking cannabis. Parental responsibility and accountability should be the focus here. Punishing the industry because of individual lack of responsibility seems way to extreme to be even considered logical. Very unfair and I hope this doesn’t pass.

  2. Bud Selektor says:

    Guns make it onto the playgrounds in our schools. It is a ridiculous argument to ban the form of a substance because because it takes on an attractive quality. Are all lollipops for children?

    It would be a sad day if a healthy alternative (and the only way some patients can ingest) is taken away from the people of Colorado.

  3. Nix says:

    I really hope for the sale of patients in Colorado that this bill doesn’t get passed. Some patients cannot smoke or inhale bud, it seems ridiculous that this bill is even trying to get passed. Every time marijuana is being abused by minors or obtained illegally, government’s initial reaction is to implement further restrictions on medical marijuana users and collectives. I agree with Kush Anderson, the focus should be on the real problem – poor parental supervision or lack there of.