National Geographic Channel to Revisit Drugs

Last year, the National Geographic Channel ran a multipart series called “Drugs, Inc,” which looked at the international supply and demand chain of drugs like marijuana and cocaine. Beginning this Sunday, they’re revisiting the topic, with a three-part series, run over two nights, that investigates the effects of drugs on the human brain and body.

Here’s their description:

DRUGGED: High on Marijuana

In the last year, 28 million Americans have rolled a joint, smoked a pipe, sparked up a bong or eaten a pot brownie. Now, follow an entire marijuana high in an adult from start to finish, beginning with the inhalation of cannabis smoke. Using vivid CGI, see how the chemicals slip through a stoned subject’s membranes lining the lungs and into the bloodstream, then on to the heart, up the spine and into the brain. Find out why users get red eyes and the so-called munchies, and explore the difference in the body when cannabis is eaten rather than smoked. We’ll see what role genetics might play in a person’s response to cannabis, take a look at the mysteries of why a high sometimes turns to a low and learn more from the forefront of current marijuana research.

“How Marijuana Works” – What exactly happens to your body when you smoke marijuana?

Most medicines that doctors prescribe, there’s a lot of side effects, there’s a lot of risk and you have to balance out the risk benefit ratio, but with Cannabis it’s very much non-toxic. — Dr. Julie Holland, Author, The Pot Book

We think it’s worth a watch.

But keep watching this blog, also, because thanks to YouTube we’ll be running the marijuana episode of “Drugs, Inc.” in five parts (approx. 9 minutes each) on Wednesdays beginning tomorrow. There’s a lot of focus on the medical benefits of marijuana in that series.

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3 Responses to National Geographic Channel to Revisit Drugs

  1. GanjaKing420 says:

    Wow what an awesome series. This was the first time I have had a chance to view this and it was truelly awesome. It not only was informative but they state all the facts and give the viewer insight into everyone and everything involved on everyside of the marijuana epedemic. They do a great job at depicting Medical Marijauna and the benifits thereof.

  2. Eric says:

    I absolutely plan on watching this potentially phenomenal show. As a medical marijuana patient, I have keen interest to learn how this substance affects me. I have seen Marijuana Inc. and Marijuana: A Chronic History, and this next show looks to possibly be the best of them all. I can’t wait until Sunday.

  3. This seems intense! I can’t wait to learn more about the effects of marijuana so I can be more responsible with my use. I also want to compare their analysis of the high. Many marijuana skeptics should watch this video as well. I’m sure everyone will learn something with this series.