Soldiers Arrested in CO Marijuana Dispensary

KDVR, the Fox affiliate in Denver, CO, is reporting today that three soldiers stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado were arrested Saturday while attempting to rob a medical marijuana dispensary. They were caught around two in the morning, while still inside the facility: Rocky Road Remedies on South Academy Blvd.

Dispensary owner Renze Waddington told the press that the trio, “…were like rats in a maze.”

The entire break-in was recorded by security cameras, which show that the men in question became panicked after realizing that the doors had locked from the inside, leaving them not only trapped, but also unsuccessful at actually taking any product.

Waddington explained, “”They didn’t get a thing because all the medicine is locked in a safe overnight.”

To police officers from Colorado Springs were checking on a call next door to the dispensary when the men were locked in, and were there to handle the situation within a few seconds.

The three soldiers have been identified as Darius Thomas 23, Cory Young 22 and Ramone Hollins 22, and are being held on $10,000 bonds and face second-degree buglary charges.

All three are on active duty at Ft. Carson.

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