Denver Puts New Limits on Medical Marijuana Use

Cannabis Culture magazine is reporting this week on a decision made by the Denver, CO City Council, which has enacted regulations that will limit households within city limits to a maximum of twelve medical marijuana plants and two patients per home who must reside on the premises, despite the fact that state law allows up to 30 plants with a five patient limit. The new rules, it seems, are designed to effectively ban private caregivers within the city of Denver, without actually coming out and saying so.

The vote to enact these regulations was on Monday, and most of the public comment session before the vote was taken up by council members speaking about their personal beliefs.

Among them was Councilman Charlie Brown who asked “…if Medical marijuana people (proponents) had cooperated would we be here (making this legislation)?”

Another Councilwoman raised concerns about foot traffic in and out of neighborhood caregivers’ homes, asking the people assembled, “Do these people look like they have a debilitating illness?”

Before, during, and after the hearing patients complained that not everyone has the ability to grow their own cannabis, and that the new regulations would prevent those patients needing private caregivers from having access to them.

Under the ongoing HB 1284 state regulations, new medical marijuana patients are barred from visiting medical marijuana centers within thirty-five days of receiving a signed recommendation, because of verbiage in Colorado Amendment 20 that allows the State Health Department 35 days to reject medical marijuana applications. Private caregivers, then, would be able to serve needy patients during the 35-day “holding period.”

Other concerns brought up at the hearing included a resident who felt that because a neighbor was growing more than 60 plants, his newborn child’s safety might be at risk. This and other similar comments were used by Council members to demonstrate a need for their restrictions.

The Denver City Council also adopted wording as part of the law that will make them revisit the regulation in two years to see if the rules are working with the city and its neighborhoods.

In total, nine people testified at the public comment hearing. Five were against the new regulations while four were in favor.

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