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Viking Haze

Viking Haze
  • Classification: Sativa (80%)/indica (20%)
  • Parents: Jack Herer x Haze
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/outdoor
  • Garden Skills: Advanced
  • Flowering Time: 9 - 10 weeks
  • Yield: Moderate
  • THC Content: 21.9%
  • CBD Content: 0.3%
  • Medical Uses: Depression, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, inflammation, migraines, nausea
  • Breeder: Pure Seeds
  • Buzz Rating: The flavor is of pine and earth, with a subtle fruity flavor on the exhale. The high reaches its peak after around 15 minutes, surprising many with it creeping power.

    Just like the name implies, Viking Haze has both strong and powerful genetics, as well as a similar effect. When Pure Seeds crossed a Jack Herer mother with a Haze male, the result was the impressive sativa-dominant bud we see today. It has incredibly high levels of THC and low CBD, making it a truly typical sativa, albeit a potent one.

    Outdoors, growers can expect to harvest by the middle of October. Indoor cultivators should wait between 9 and 10 weeks of flowering, to harvest. The breeder recommends vegetating these ladies around 2 or 3 weeks, as they will stretch quite a bit, upon flowering. The yield indoors is typically average, while the outdoor yield can be downright colossal. Look for this strain as a clone in dispensaries, on your next trip. It will definitely be a great addition to your garden.

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