Strains  Petrol OG

Petrol OG

Petrol OG Pot Strain
  • Classification: Indica-dominant
  • Parents: (Sour Diesel x Petrolia Headstash) x Tahoe OG Kush
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Garden Skills: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Flowering Time: 9 - 10 weeks
  • Height: Medium to Tall
  • Yield: Low
  • Medical Uses: Nausea, migraines, arthritis, pain relief
  • Breeder: Unknown
  • Buzz Rating: A pleasant mix of trippy, happy cerebral feelings are blended with relaxing, but not sedating body effects. The total length of the high is around 45 minutes or an hour and most users are greeted with upbeat, psychedelic feelings.

    These nugs closely resemble their OG lineage, with small, round and somewhat oblong buds that have a light-green color and rust-orange pistils. Flavors are of lemon, hash and pineapple, with aromas of lemons, earth and pine.

    Growers are advised to feed these ladies moderate to high levels of nutrients. They can grow to become quite lanky and stretchy, so limiting the time in vegetation to just three weeks is recommended. Outdoor gardeners will likely see a harvest by the end of October, when growing in the Northern Hemisphere. Super cropping is strongly recommended for this one, as it will help improve the low yield, while keeping the height under control.

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