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Pain Killer

Pain Killer
  • Classification: Indica-dominant
  • Parents: Sensi Star x White Russian
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
  • Garden Skills: Intermediate
  • Flowering Time: 7 - 8 weeks (indoors) or end of September (outdoors)
  • THC Content: Medium to high
  • CBD Content: High
  • Medical Uses: Glaucoma, mestral cramps, chemotherapy, anorexia, depression, anxiety, insomnia, cancer, multiple sclerosis
  • Breeder: Dr. Underground
  • Buzz Rating: With the effects reaching full effect within a minute or two, this indica-dominant bud is sure to have you horizontal for most of its duration.

    Dr. Underground specifically bred this indica-dominant strain to treat such chronic illnesses and ailments as cancer, chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and many more. Many medical marijuana dispensaries are now starting to carry this, due to its incredible healing capabilities. It also has some of the best and most unique flavors; the palate is of fresh citrus, earth and hops, with a slightly spicy aftertaste.

    For optimal results, the breeder recommends using a Sea of Green in either aeroponics or hydroponics. Utilizing this method of growing, in just 7 – 8 weeks indoors, most gardeners see a plant that is absolutely covered in buds. It literally might be hard to find the plant with all of the buds. Outdoors, these ladies can yield an impressive 1.5 pounds per plant, when grown in either a 10-gallon pot or straight in the ground, with a protective black tarp surrounding the roots to ward of mites, moles and other pests.

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    Guest | May 5, 2013

    just tried some taste is awesome and medically it seems to do it all 2 big thumbs way up the taste is fruity with lemon spiciness and a dank skunky kick on the exhale

    Overall: 3.80 stars3.80 stars3.80 stars3.80 stars3.80 stars
    Taste: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
    Smell: 3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars
    Potency: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
    Duration: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
    Texture: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

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