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Orange Fizz

Orange Fizz Strain
  • Classification: Sativa-dominant
  • Parents: Hawaiian IBL x Blackberry
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Flowering Time: 6 - 7 weeks
  • Height: Short to Medium
  • Yield: Low
  • Medical Uses: Depression, arthritis, asthma
  • Breeder: Apothecary Genetics
  • Buzz Rating: This strain isn't going to blow anyone away with superior potency, but it should provide a mild but enjoyable cerebral experience, lasting around a half-hour.

    Despite having somewhat larfy, airy buds, Orange Fizz still assumes the role of a high-grade strain. The flavors are to die for, reminiscent of sour berries, with undertones of candy, citrus and hash. The effect is great for daytime use, as it does not overpower most users with a strong high. When cultivating this strain, indoor growers should vegetate around seven weeks, before it flowers for an additional six or seven weeks. Outdoor gardeners will likely see a harvest by the middle of September, when grown in the Northern Hemisphere. Growers are advised to carefully monitor the level of nutrients it receives, as it has a propensity for nute burn. Otherwise it should be easily cultivated in a short amount of time.

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