Strains  Opium


  • Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
  • Lineage: Unknown or Unreported
  • Yield: Very Heavy
  • Indoor Flowering Time: 60 to 65 Days

The opium strain of medical marijuana is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that will heavily affect every cell you possess. This strain is known for developing huge buds that are absolutely loaded with trichromes. The ratio between calyxes and the leaves is high, meaning that the bracts really stack up nicely and fill developing buds in very fully. Some pros relate the colas from opium cannabis plants to totem poles.

When growing opium marijuana indoors, you can expect to wait 60 to 65 days after the plants enter their flowering phase. The strain was originally bred by Paradise Seeds, but its exact lineage is still reported as unknown. Opium cannabis grows very well in various hydroponic mediums, especially coco fiber. You'll find it to be a vigorous grower that's easily manageable.'s Opium Buzz Rating: A Blast of Mental Clarity That Buddha Would Envy!

The scent and taste of opium medicinal cannabis is dominated by hints of fruit. She presents a creamy, noticeable taste of tropical punch and loads of other, more subtle tastes to enjoy for the connoisseur. These ladies are intense and will take you high into the sky, and then bring you back in for gentle landings. The cerebral clarity that you will achieve is very likely to stun you. Don't be surprised to experience mind-altering visuals and thoughts that really only makes sense to you. The opium marijuana strain is a multiple Cannabis Cup medal winner for many good reasons. Enjoy a hefty sampling today!

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Guest | Oct 21, 2011

very high body high. no couch lock.

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