Strains  Kushadelic


  • Classification: Sativa (50%)/indica (50%)
  • Growing Environment: Indoor recommended, but outdoor possible
  • Flowering Time: 10 - 12 weeks
  • Medical Uses: Depression, anxiety, migraines, pain relief, anorexia, nausea, glaucoma, arthritis, digestive issues
  • Breeder: Soma's Sacred Seeds
  • Buzz Rating: This strain tastes floral and earthy on the inhale, with spicy and fruity undertones on the smooth exhale. The effect of this bud is a touch on the sativa side, with a noticeable and trippy body high occurring.

    OG Kush (mother) and G13 Haze (father) gloriously come together to create this one-of-a-kind 50/50 hybrid. While she maintains the longer flowering time of her Haze father, with large dense buds more typical of Kush strains. The overall appearance of Kushadelic tends to be a mix of indica and sativa, with the leaves becoming much more sativa-like during maturity. While she can be cultivated outdoors, an indoor environment is recommended as she often takes over 6 months to finish when grown outdoors. She thrives when grown organically and fed organic nutrients with bat or bird guano in them. Finishing at a height of 3 feet indoors, her outdoor sibling will finish at a towering 7 feet.

    Zesty and awakening flavors of pine, citrus, Haze, earth, flowers and Kush are rampant on the very first toke of Kushadelic. This is a very uplifting and spiritual high that is great for evening socializing and the treatment of such ailments as migraines, pain relief, nausea, stress, depression, inflammation, stomach ulcers and more. This strain is extremely common in California dispensaries, as well as other states. This is almost always seen as a top-shelf strain that many patients adore.

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    sbsdewb | Mar 15, 2011

    was recommended this for my pain did pretty good even though to me it favored the sativa side too much for my taste. I see it everywhere and at a really decent price.

    Overall: 4.00 stars4.00 stars4.00 stars4.00 stars4.00 stars
    Taste: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
    Smell: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
    Potency: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
    Duration: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
    Texture: 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

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