Strains  California Wildfire

California Wildfire

  • Classification: Indica (60%)/sativa (40%)
  • Parents: Northern Lights #5 x Chemdawg 4 x Lost Coast OG
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/outdoor
  • Garden Skills: Intermediate
  • Flowering Time: 10 - 11 weeks
  • Medical Uses: Pain relief, insomnia, chemotherapy, anorexia, Crohn's Disease
  • Breeder: Emerald Triangle
  • Buzz Rating: The flavor of this fruity, tangy, sour and skunky weed hits like a bolt of lightning igniting a wildfire in the Sierras. Oh yeah, the high is killer as well, lasting over 2 hours.

    Just like a real wildfire, this legendary strain has power, intensity and beauty all wrapped up into giant, frosty buds. The breeder crossed a Northern Lights x Chem-4 plant with a prime Lost Coast OG parent to create this vigorous and intense strain. The buds are round, swollen and stinky with an impressive layering of trichromes.

    Indoors, these beauties will flower between 10 and 11 weeks and should be ready for harvest outdoors around the middle of October. It’s also recommended for someone with a few grows under their belt to undertake these ladies. That isn’t to say that you need to be a master grower to cultivate your own California Wildfire. Just make sure to watch out for powder mildew during flowering indoors and outdoors. Otherwise, you shouldn’t have too much trouble impressing yourself and friends with some fire medical-grade cannabis. When growing in soil, these ladies love to be flushed for a solid 2 weeks, which will truly bring out their amazing flavor after drying and curing.

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