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Beso Pot Strain
  • Classification: Sativa-dominant
  • Parents: Love Potion #2 x Cinderella 99
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
  • Garden Skills: Beginner
  • Flowering Time: 9 - 10 weeks
  • Height: Medium
  • Yield: Moderate to Heavy
  • Medical Uses: Nausea, migraines, glaucoma, arthritis
  • Breeder: Mosca Seeds
  • Buzz Rating: Beso provides a moderately potent effect that builds to a seriously potent one, over the course of about 20 minutes. This heavy sativa is perfect for daytime or evening medication as it won't put users down, nor keep them up.

    Enjoy these chunky, frosty buds whenever the mood arises. Beso is a great medicinal strain and should be used through a vaporizer for optimal results. The nugs are fairly dense and have flavors of lemon, with a slightly earthy undertone. Gardeners who cultivate these ladies should have no trouble in doing so. They will do well in nearly any climate, and should thrive indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Soil mediums have yielded the best results, but hydro will work well, but without as much potency. Beso has a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio, which makes trimming a breeze. Enjoy today in non-feminized seed form or as clones.

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