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Mango Zamal Strain
With 13 to 14 weeks of flowering, growers should be of what they are looking for in a strain, before adding Mango Zamal to the garden.
Lemon Jeffrey Weed Strain
After just nine or ten weeks of flowering, users will have quite a bit of pot just waiting to be ingested.
Lost Moon Pot Strain
Just a few tokes will ensure smokers become giddy, upbeat and most of all, high.
OJ's Haze Strain
While growers will be required to wait a bit longer for this one to finish, as the saying goes: patience is a virtue.
Island Lady Haze Strain
A mellow buzz is the perfect treat when you don't want to crash, but want a little head change. Island Lady Haze provides just that.
Cheese #1 Strain
Look for Cheese #1 in a dispensary near you. Whether it's clones, seeds or buds that you pick up, this strain is not likely to disappoint.
Jack Herer OG Strain
Talk about a body high! Jack Herer OG will have you not only comatose, but devouring your entire kitchen before passing out... well, maybe not quite.
Most Popular
After 9 - 10 weeks of flowering, you'll be able to legitimately say you've grown some primo medication.
161 reviews
Let's face it, almost every purple strain of cannabis excites the senses on many levels, but Granddaddy Purple medical marijuana set the standards.
88 reviews
Potent in smell, taste and highness, Sour Diesel medical cannabis is some of the finest marijuana available. Gain mad Sour Diesel knowledge and start benefiting today!
84 reviews
Learn all the most modern Train Wreck cannabis cultivation techniques and secrets. You need to get information about Train Wreck marijuana, and quick.
78 reviews
You'll think you're drinking a strawberry/blueberry smoothie with this tasty medication.
78 reviews
Cultivating OG Kush marijuana in your home is an intelligent way to save money on your most important medicine. Learn all the tricks you need to make your crop superior from the pros.
57 reviews
Cultivating AK47 cannabis at home can provide the high-quality medicine you need while simultaneously saving you loads of cash. Learn how to cultivate AK47 at home today!
58 reviews
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