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Manicuring Harvested Cannabis Bud

So you’ve harvested your precious garden of medical marijuana. Now what? If you want the buds to cure correctly, you’re going to need to manicure them properly. Manicuring is the process of removing large cannabis leaves and water leaves from the buds, while leaving the pistils, tri-chromes and flowers for the curing process.


  • Trays (or similar surfaces)
  • 2 black plastic bags
  • Rubbing alcohol (to remove resin from the blades)
  • 1 pair of small, sharp scissors
  • To begin the manicuring process, first take your freshly harvested bud and set it on the plastic bag. If you have more than one strain, it would be helpful to label each pile, as it can be easy to forget with strain is which. You wouldn’t want to smoke some Sativa that you thought was Indica when you are trying to get ready for bed. If you have more than one pile, cover the buds you aren’t going to be trimming right away, with another plastic bag. This is to ensure that light does not lessen the quality of your hard-earned harvest.

    Grab your first plant and remove by hand all the obviously large and excess leaves. Set these leaves aside, you may want them later. Then, separate all the individual branches by cutting them into smaller sizes for easier manicuring by hand. Do this process again with your remaining plants and place the buds on trays.

    Now, you are going to do a much more meticulous manicuring of the buds using your sharp, fine scissors. Cut away as much of the protruding stem as you can. Next, use the scissors to separate the Cannabis leaf from the bud and cut these leaves off at the base, without losing any pistils, calyxes, et cetera. When you are snipping close to the actual flower, try to just use the very tip of the scissors to cut the base of the leaf. This way you are far less likely to lose any of the actual bud. You may have to pour some rubbing alcohol on a rag and wipe the sticky residue off your scissors at this point. Save all of the leaves that you are removing, because they tend to be coated in tri-chromes and will make good hash or low-grade joints. Once you have repeated this process on the remainder of your harvest until all (or at least most) of the cannabis leaves and water leaves are gone, your harvest will be ready for the curing process.

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