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Identifying Sex

Identifying Sex on Marijuana Plants

An all-important step in any grower’s cultivation process is determining whether or not a plant is male or female. Male plants are generally considered unfavorable, due to the fact that they are only good for pollinating female plants and making hemp. The female Cannabis plant is what yields those nice, fat, stinky buds that medicate you so well.

Logically, there is no completely accurate way to determine a plant’s sex until it develops reproductive organs. This is not until the very beginning of the flowering stage. If it is male, small round pods will develop at the internodes of the plant. These will later form into clusters of these seeds if it is not dealt with by removing the male. A female plant will first show signs of her sex by sprouting small white hairs at the internodes, generally above a large fan leaf. Over the next few days after the initial flowering, more white hairs will appear at all the internodes of the plant. This is the beginning of the flowering period. The reason it is suggested to remove male plants immediately is that if there is more than one plant and one is male and one is female, the male will pollinate the female, causing the white hairs to retreat and increasing the likelihood that it will be male as well.

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