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Growing marijuana for medicine in a greenhouse presents a lot of benefits for beginning and advanced cannabis cultivation experts. Basically, a greenhouse is simply a structure that's covered and is effective for controlling environmental variables such as humidity, temperature and more. Having your own greenhouse makes you effectively able to control the environment, at least to a point where you can grow some high-quality medicinal cannabis to help you overcome, or just deal with, a wide variety of health disorders. Just remember, you are the god of your greenhouse; each of your lovely lady plants will depend on you for everything.

Traditional green houses were constructed with inflexible frames and heavy glass panels. That's no longer the case. Modern plastics and other specialized synthetic materials are available in as many styles, colors, sizes, thicknesses and more than you're probably aware of. And of course, you can take the cheaper route and construct your own with timber, PVC piping, plastics, concrete and other construction materials.

What are some of the advantages to cultivating medical cannabis in a greenhouse?

  • You control the temperature. You can't do that outside. With proper ventilation fans, circulation fans, heaters, AC units, dehumidifiers, humidifiers and other nifty devices, you will be able to keep your medical marijuana plants growing in an optimal temperature environment (somewhere between 72 and 80° Fahrenheit for most cannabis strains).
  • You keep plant-destroying pests away from your lifesaving cannabis plants. You can't do that outside. And it's not just the bugs that you keep out; you keep out seeds, pollen and other unwanted plant material from the surrounding natural environment.
  • A greenhouse allows you to control the humidity levels that envelop your beautiful medicinal pot plants. You have to do your research and learn how to properly control the ventilation and heating/cooling systems of your greenhouse in order to optimize humidity levels. This is a very important concept, so take your time and do it correctly. It's all about regulating the exchange of air.
  • Of course, your greenhouse is also excellent for keep a nosy neighbors out of your business. It's your business if you want to grow marijuana for medicine at your home. Still, if you happen to live in one of those manipulative states that are still denying their residents the wonderful and healing properties of medicinal cannabis, then unfortunately, stealth has to be a primary concern for you.
  • When growing marijuana outside, a greenhouse can protect your medicine from adverse weather conditions. Heavy rains, strong winds, unpredicted freezing temperatures and more can kill your plants dead. Oftentimes, simple exposure to autumn rains leaves a powdery, mildewy substance behind that affects the final yield and quality of your harvest.

If you are growing your medicinal weed in a greenhouse, it may be a good idea to keep each plant in a separate pot. That way, if for any reason you are required to comply with an inspection, you can simply take your "special" plants to a different location temporarily. And of course, construct or purchase a greenhouse that has a lockable door to keep out thieves, cops, neighbors and everyone else. Enjoy cultivating your medicinal marijuana in a weather-thwarting greenhouse!

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