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high quality kush,Sour Diesel,O.G Kush,AK-47,5f-ur144,a-pvp ,4-aco-dmt,
high quality kush,Sour Diesel,O.G Kush,AK-47,5f-ur144,a-pvp ,4-aco-dmt,

High grade medical marijuana buds and other strains for sale , call or text at (760)523-9505 for more information we are focused on providing medical marijuana services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction Blue dream, white widow, blueberry and other strains: we got clones , seeds , hash / hash oils , haze buds and many others Hello! I am a dispenser with some extra medication, and can deliver to any medical patient . text (760)523-9505 . *Green Crack *Sour Diesel lf *Grand Daddy Purple *Afghan Kush *Northern Lights *Lemon drop *Purple Kush *OG Kush *purple-urkle My current strains include: Blue dream, white widow, blueberry . Agent Orange, Northern Lights, and little bit of Maui Waui. All top quality strains with great reviews. Text me for donation amounts and other information at (760)523-9505 e-mail at

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grassrootdispensary | Nov 26, 2015
MEDICAL CANNABIS OIL 70% THC, CANCER CURE. SHATTER, WAX, CBD ALSO AVAILABLE. TEXT... (551) 800-2064 Welcome to Global Green Dispensary: Global Green Dispensary can help you reclaim your health and quality of life. We can provide you with information pertaining to the acquisition, benefits and use of medicinal cannabis and Cannabis Oil oil. Hash Oil, Honey Comb Wax Oil Wax Oil Cannabis Oil BUTANE OIL AFGHANI OIL -Hemp Oil Essential Fatty Acid -Kosher Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil 8 OZ -honey oil -CANNABIS OIL -Black oil -Indian oil Marijuana strains available Girl Scout Cookies -Blue Cheese -OG Kush -Grape Ape -Super Lemon Haze -Sour Diesel -Sour Kush -Blue Dream -White Widow -Purple Kus -peanaple exprss -Bubba Kush -Super Silver Haze PACKING: In plastic packs MINIMUM ORDER: 1 ounce CONTACT FOR PRICES CONTACT............. Skype.................tradeleaks1 TEXT OR CALL : (551) 800-2064 Yahoo Messenger
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