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Weed Chilled Potato Soup Recipe
Cannabis milk gives great potency and ensures that the texture of this cold soup stays creamy!
Chicken with Cannabis Black Bean Sauce Recipe
Cut chicken into one inch cubes, coat in cornstarch. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a saucepan and stir-fry the chicken until cooked through. To make the sauce, in a separate pan add the cannabis olive oil, black beans, garlic, green onion, wine, salt, sugar and soy sauce and heat on low for about ten minutes.
Hot Chocolate Pot Recipe
Mmmm, can you say comforting on a cold, wintry day?
Chicken Enchiladas Weed Recipe
Authentic Mexican food at its best; plus a little weed added.
Pot Teriyaki Chicken Noodles Recipe
These teriyaki chicken noodles are more of a fusion dish, combining Italian pasta with an Asian flavor.
5-Cheese Pasta Casserole Recipe
Whip up some cannabis milk and you're ready to go.
1 review
Peanut Budder Cake Recipe
Who doesn't love peanut butter? Who doesn't love cake? Now we've combined the two; just for your.
Most Popular
Medical Marijuana Tinctures
Just 2 or 3 sprays on the back of your throat results in a nearly instantaneous medicated effect.
78 reviews
Cannabis Butter
Patience is definitely a virtue with the process of making quality Cannabis-infused butter. It will all be worth it once you see the end result however.
67 reviews
Marijuana edibles including pot brownies help millions of people to feel better every day with their THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids.
50 reviews
Marijuana Tea
4.50 stars4.50 stars4.50 stars4.50 stars4.50 stars
Did you just harvest a high yield from your precious garden? Well then, make some cannabis tea to relieve your symptoms.
45 reviews
Jolly Rancher Marijuana Edible
These are one Jolly Rancher that you won't be giving to trick-or-treaters this Halloween.
46 reviews
Macaroni and Trees
Kill 2 birds with one stone (no pun intended) with this medicated meal.
23 reviews
Marijuana-infused rice crispy treats
The gooey, sweet and danky flavor of these delicious bad boys will have you eating one after another. Just remember that they are medicated. You may want to make some non-medicated treats as well for when your munchies kick in.
32 reviews