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Friday Film Festival: ATF vs. MMJ

Earlier this week, I blogged about the department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms banning Medical Marijuana users from owning guns. I recognize the irony in sharing a video from Fox News, but the debate presented here is a good one. … Continue reading

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Friday Film Festival: Dr. Andrew Weil

Lately, it seems that the U.S. government has been doing more and more harm to medical marijuana research. What does the future look like for MMJ? Can we honor the plant’s history and move forward productively? Here are Dr. Andrew … Continue reading

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Friday Film Strip: 40 Years Later

On June 17th, 1971, then-President Richard M. Nixon launched the drug war. Forty years later, it’s become one of our country’s most epic failures. It’s also the subject of this video from ReasonTV. Interesting stuff.

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Film Festival: MMJ Card Burning

I’m traveling today, so I’m posting a video out of order…it’s from THE REEFER REPORT and is about a woman who is so fed up with the MMJ system in Colorado that she’s burning her MMJ card. Interesting stuff…

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Friday Film Festival: “High” Scream for Ice Cream?

MMJ edibles come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the newest is perfect for the upcoming summer months: MMJ Ice Cream. This video from YouTube user UrbanGrower shows someone sampling some of the creamy goodness at the Spannabis … Continue reading

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Film Festival: Steve Berke for Mayor

While I don’t have access to election results here in Mexico, where I am this week, I’m pretty sure comedian Steve Berke did NOT win the Miami Beach runoff mayoral election, but I’m posting one of his campaign videos, in … Continue reading

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Media Monday: NORML Moms

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the US. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in Mexico. In honor of mothers here in North America, and around the world, we’re taking a moment to put some more faces on the fight for the use … Continue reading

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Friday Film Festival: Drugged Driving?

The folks at NORML-TV have created a Q&A video about Drugged Driving. We thought it would be useful to share it this week. Enjoy!

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Friday Film Festival: NORML Update: Women’s Alliance Strategy Session

NORML has begun a weekly video update. Their first focuses on a strategy session from the Women’s Alliance. For this Friday Film Festival entry, we’re sharing that video.

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Friday Film Festival: What if God Smoked Cannabis?

It’s nice to break up text with a little video here and there, and have a little fun. On Fridays, we’re going to host a sort of mini film festival, posting a video instead of a normal blog post. Sometimes … Continue reading

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