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Wednesday Film Festival: This Week in Weed

If you aren’t already watching NORML’s weekly videocast, This Week in Weed, you should be, because it’s a great round-up of breaking medical marijuana news. Here’s the most recent episode:

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Friday Film Festival: Dr. Andrew Weil

Lately, it seems that the U.S. government has been doing more and more harm to medical marijuana research. What does the future look like for MMJ? Can we honor the plant’s history and move forward productively? Here are Dr. Andrew … Continue reading

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Friday Film Festival: High Times MMJ Magazine

High Times has been a leader in MJ literature for decades now, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they also print a magazine devoted entirely to medical marijuana. The fall issue has been on sale for a few … Continue reading

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Wednesday Film Festival: South Bay Healing Center

Last week an overturned truck offered San Jose denizens a chance to get free weed, but if you want your MMJ a bit more legitimately you actually have several options. One of them is the South Bay Healing Center – … Continue reading

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Friday Film Festival – Clearing the Smoke

PBS Newshour produced this video “Clearing the Smoke” which not only talks about the medical benefits of cannabis, but also talks about the science behind why medical marijuana works. Enjoy! Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

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Friday Film Festival: AMEX vs. MMJ

Two months ago, American Express began refusing to process MMJ purchases at legal dispensaries. The Young Turks heard about this and ran a story. It’s bad enough that many banks are refusing dispensary business, but where does a credit card … Continue reading

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Friday Film Strip: 40 Years Later

On June 17th, 1971, then-President Richard M. Nixon launched the drug war. Forty years later, it’s become one of our country’s most epic failures. It’s also the subject of this video from ReasonTV. Interesting stuff.

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Friday Film Festival: Decriminalized in Connecticut

For this week’s video, I’m sharing a news spot (thanks, YouTube) about the state of Connecticut decriminalizing the use of marijuana. Enjoy.

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Friday Film Festival: No Accepted Medical Use?

As most pro-MMJ folks know, marijuana is considered a schedule one drug, which means there’s no “accepted” medical use. This video from last September, from Reason TV via YouTube, looks at three different views of MMJ.

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Friday Film Festival: Federal Attack on Dispensaries

This week’s video comes from YouTube user marijuana420medicine, and talks about the federal attack on medical marijuana dispensaries, as well as the uses of hemp. It’s a bit disorganized, but interesting nonetheless.

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