Guess What? Marijuana Gives You the Munchies

Okay, I promise this post is not a joke. I mean, we all know that marijuana makes you hungry, right? Even if you’ve never used pot, there are decades of pop culture references of this phenomenon.

So, why am I posting about it?

I’m posting because an article in the Los Angeles Times shared that researchers at the University of Alberta, in Canada, have now scientifically proven that small amounts of THC – the “active ingredient” in marijuana – can boost the appetite of terminal cancer patients.

The researcher in charge of the study, Wendy Wismer, understands why people might not take her work seriously, but she explained to reporters that her study is still important, because it’s the first one to be conducted using strict, double-blind scientific controls.

Look, I get that it’s important to study the effects of marijuana for better fine-tuning the medical applications of it, but…wouldn’t it make more sense to explore elements we don’t already know about?

Only in Canada, eh?

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7 Responses to Guess What? Marijuana Gives You the Munchies

  1. HolyKush says:

    Wow! This is such an amazing discovery! jk… I wonder how much money they spent trying to test this theory. I don’t really think it takes a scientist to say that marijuana gives you the munchies. lol

    • Medicator says:

      Yeah big surprise, but funded studies must have their research. If this leads to a better understanding and further education on the medical marijuana issue then it’s a good idea. Sure it’s a waste of time and money because everybody already knows pot makes you hungry, yet once scientifically proven it will be documented into medical journals giving the subject authenicity. The research will not have been in vain and we can chalk up another point for our side.

  2. Joe says:

    This is a very interesting article. It really shows that there are many benefits to marijuana and people should really consider legalizing marijuana.

  3. Nix says:

    What a waste of time and energy, Wismer could have been looking into so many other benefits of THC… I agree with Medicator that it becomes more legit when this information is posted in medical journals, but it still irritates me when I hear of financial resources being wasted on testing a well known fact… Way to go Wendy Wismer.

  4. Marijuanamama says:

    Leave it to a government institution even Canada to waste money on things that are just plan, Duh. Where is the money that should be spent saying yes it does help cancer patients, yes it does help chronic pain patients, and it will ease suffering of those afflicted with numerous health issues? Instead that money seems to keep going to groups who wish to keep it away from the ones who suffer. Yeah we all knew years ago that munchies and weed went hand in hand, but come on does a study really have to be performed to prove such an stupid point. So it causes munchies, what else can it do. Focus on the fact that those cancer patients are receiving help they need.

  5. Bud Selektor says:

    I agree that this seems trivial to us. But they need to document these findings so that they can be reviewed and accepted by the greater medical community. There needs to be documented evidence, especially to convince those who haven’t tried marijuana and understand ALL of its effects/benefits.

  6. This helps legitimize the effects of MMJ. With actual evidence to prove a myth, this could open the doors for MMJ research. This seems like a brilliant first step towards proof that MMJ can be used and studied in a proper manner.