Job Protection for Medical Marijuana Users

A lawmaker in California wants to bar employers from firing qualified workers who use medical marijuana when not on the job.

Democratic state Senator Mark Leno has proposed a bill that would offer that protection and also make it illegal for employers to refuse to hire someone solely because of their medical marijuana use. In 2007, Leno proposed a similar bill, which was passed by the legislature, but vetoed by then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In 2008, the California Supreme Court found that there was nothing in the current California medical marijuana laws that prohibits an employer from firing medical marijuana users who fail drug tests because of pot use.

The protection offered by Senator Leno’s bill would not apply to doctors, nurses, school bus drivers, those who operate heavy equipment, or those whose jobs were “safety-sensitive” positions.

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4 Responses to Job Protection for Medical Marijuana Users

  1. Kevin says:

    I agree if you take vicodin you don’t get fired. No patient should lose a job because they use medical cannabis.

  2. Passing this law to protect employees would be a great idea. It isn’t fair for people to get fired for their health habits. Also, if medical marijuana use off the job doesn’t affect on the job performance, then what’s the problem? Discrimination at it’s finest.

  3. Tech53 says:

    I don’t see how a medicinal marijuana user is still so vilified When one of my boss’s has taken 500mg vicodiene x2 a day for the past 5-6 years Ive worked with him.


    Yet still others “Many” others go on the legal speed diet Phentramine and b12. my own DR. says “it’s well known it’s just legal speed”. And yet I work next to these stressed out angry pissed off phentramine diet users along side Prozac/Zoloft/lithium/Zannex users and yet they(through their own actions and words)would have everyone believe that if you smoke pot your a criminal druggie regardless. medicinal users should have more protection and if that means tighter restrictions on who can get a card…well come on we all know allot of people out there have the card that shouldn’t.
    agree or don’t it’s just my two cents.

  4. Nate420 says:

    This would be a great step forward, but how many jobs would it really cover? Since medical marijuana is not recognized federally, would employers stop using drug tests or continue firing people. Luckily I work within the industry but I worry about other patients for whom the secrecy around their medical marijuana use makes it a difficult treatment to use.