Pat Robertson Pro Pot?

We’re not particular fans of Pat Robertson or “The 700 Club” but we can’t deny that it’s newsworthy when Mr. Robertson, televangelist and former Baptist minister, speaks cogently about the need to find alternatives to arresting and jailing people who use drugs, especially if drugs are limited to a couple of ounces of cannabis.

Airing last week, “The 700 Club” segment on such alternatives does promote a decidedly right-wing organization, Right on Crime, seeking to actively lobby for the reform of the criminal justice system, mainly because they believe it’s a poor use of available public funds. The organization, which has joined the now-40-year-old campaign to rethink cannabis laws. is supported by several noted conservative activists, including Grover Norquist (Americans for Tax Reform), David Keane (American Conservative Union) and Pat Nolan (Prison Fellowship Ministries).

Here’s a video of the segment. Mr. Robertson’s support for ending Cannabis Prohibition for the possession of a few ounces comes, rather ironically, at the 4:20 mark of the video.

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