New Jersey: Christie Adamant About His Rules for Medical Marijuana

The ongoing battle between the members of the New Jersey state legislature and their governor, Chris Christie, over the medical marijuana bill that was signed into law last year, just one day before Christie took office, continues. Last week, the governor told the press that he would fight to keep his administration’s proposed medical cannabis regulations from being rewritten, in spite of pressure to soften them.

According to the governor, he is concerned that easing the restrictions his administration created would lead to a “de facto legalization of marijuana” in the Garden State. Changes there, he added, could result in the duplication of the flawed medical marijuana systems already in place in California and Colorado.

“We’re not going to have a head shop in every town and quack doctors writing prescriptions for people with headaches to get marijuana,” Christie told reporters. “That’s not going to happen on my watch.”

Governor Christie is a former U.S. attorney, and has said that he’s no stranger to the dangers of drug abuse.

About relaxing his medical marijuana restrictions, the governor reiterated, “I’m not doing it. I’ve seen too much in my previous career of what can happen when drugs become that prevalent.”

Still, Christie maintains that he has no problem allowing the, “…compassionate relief of pain for those patients who can find relief through no other legal means.” He elaborated, “I’m for them getting it from doctors who’ve been treating them all along, not from doctors parachuted into the situation with a profit-making motive like we’ve seen happen in California and Colorado.”

Last Monday, the New Jersey Assembly voted 48-22 to require a rewrite of the policy that will be followed when New Jersey starts its program, which expected to happen next year.

Source: Courier-Post Online

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