Articles Should Students Be Allowed MMJ on Campus?

Should Students Be Allowed MMJ on Campus?

Should Students Be Allowed To Have MMJ On Campus? Unless you're attending Oaksterdam, chances are your college does not allow medical marijuana on its campus. In every state and territory that allows the compassionate use of MMJ, there is not one college that permits cultivation, use or possession of cannabis - medical or otherwise. Before we get in an uproar, we should consider the fact that colleges only uphold this policy, because of the federal funding they receive. Since MMJ directly violates federal law, colleges are apprehensive and fearful about allowing MMJ, because of the possibility of losing their funding. But are they justified in this fear? Many, myself included, would argue that college campuses need to take a stand for what's right. The government continually threatens governors and other politicians with ominous warnings, in the states that allow MMJ. Has anything happened yet besides raids? No. Medical marijuana is a patient right that should not be withheld, even on a college campus. Students, just like everyone else, need medication to cope and get through daily life. We'd certainly like to hear any input you guys have on this matter.
Guest | Jul 9, 2012
I had a brain tumor and then a surgery to have it removed now i have damaged nerves with some headaches and hearing isn't the same personally I think that it is dumb to have a card to medical marajuana and then when you go to the wrong place or brought some to use you can't have it and can get arrested or fined or suspended or watever consequences are I think if you have it it shouldn't be a big deal especially if we used it at home and brought it since theres breaks between classes and sucks if you need relief like after or between classes and you have a headache or after a quiz test or final people can smoke cigarettes in my face and get second hand smoke in my lungs that already have Astmah this is stupid so I think if they have legalized medicine in that state some campuses should just let us smoke somewhere cuz otherwise ill go in a friends car or in my truck I'll smoke then act like I was studying campus security was ok about it but they said the police can fine me if they caught me but had a headache so had to fire up get relief my pain pill that was prescribed to me was taken off of the market for heart attacks and health stuff so if is safer then cigarettes and hasn't killed people like those pills I was prescribed its stupid if we could smoke it helps peoples anxiety ,mood, appetite,focus more and help or relieve pain
Guest | Jun 25, 2012
I believe they should, those who judge by they're eyes will always spread lies
lindzzz | Jun 19, 2012
I think that they should allow students to possess MMJ on campus, but I think smoking on campus is a little much. Having some in my purse shouldn't be a big deal, but on campus use seems unnecessary to me. I suppose that if campuses have smoking areas, but many college campuses are banning cigarettes completely. I can't imagine a campus that has a smoke-free policy deciding to allow the use of medical cannabis.