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Medical Marijuana Versus Sleeping Pills

Every day, thousands of Americans are prescribed dangerous pills to treat their insomnia. Some of the medications prescribed by doctors include Ambien, Trazadone, Valium, Librium, Lunesta and more. Complications from prolonged use of sleeping pills include liver disease, kidney failure, thoughts and/or actions of suicide and psychological breakdowns. Most prescription sleeping pills and barbiturates are also derived from highly dangerous and plants such as henbane, mandrake and belladonna. Mandrake, which is classified as UNSAFE by the FDA, is a member of the nightshade family, like henbane and belladonna, but all are still used in sleep medications. Dangers of mandrake include nausea, vomiting and fatal inflammation of the digestive tract. Belladonna can cause central nervous system complications and breakdown and increases breathing and heart rate. Henbane is known to have a safe dosage of “zero,” yet somehow pharmaceutical companies are still allowed to use it in their medications. Dangers include increased heart and breathing rate, dry mouth, dilated pupils, hallucinations, urinary blockage and is fatal to children. The risks and “dangers” of marijuana include lung complications (which can be solved by vaporizing or eating edibles), short-term memory loss (not permanent) and lowered blood pressure (not necessarily a bad thing). Using cannabis proves to provide a much better quality of sleep. Marijuana causes reduced blood pressure while opening the body’s arteries. Cannabis also lowers the body’s temperature by an average of half-a-degree. This combination ultimately results in the patient not only getting better sleep, but experiencing less stress in day-to-day life. In general, medical marijuana patients who use cannabis for sleep, report typically unbroken sleep with increased alpha time and feel much more rested and less groggy upon awakening. In general, indica or indica-dominant type strains are the most recommended for patient looking for relief from insomnia. For ideal results, it is best to smoke or vaporize a strong indica around a 20 - 45 minutes before you wish to fall asleep. If you are eating an edible, it won’t matter whether it was made with a sativa strain or indica, but you’ll want to eat it around 2 hours or more before you wish to fall asleep. Remember that using cannabis instead of sleeping pills - or nearly any pharmaceutically produced medication - is much safer, healthier, more effective and will result in reduced stress and an overall quality of life. Cannabis is derived from a safe plant, whereas many medications can cause serious, even life-threatening complications. The number of people that have died as a result of directly ingesting cannabis (not their actions while on cannabis) still remains 0.
JohnnHanson | Jun 18, 2017
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Guest | Jan 28, 2013
I think marijuana is definitely a highly effective yet gentle sleep aid.
Guest | Aug 23, 2012
Guest | Feb 23, 2012
Cannabis with high THC is the best sleeping drugs no side efects one gift from Gud,not some chemicals some greedy human have create fore get monny..
Guest | Nov 24, 2011
I've been on amitryptaline for insomnia for years. The dosage has been growing to the point where it has began to impact the hours I need to be awake. I don't think I can go off the pills, at least not cold turkey, but a good berry kush seems to help out quite a bit. I'm able to doze off and sleep through the night. I wish my doctor would have prescribed cannibus rather than pills years ago.
Guest | Nov 20, 2011
I have tried explaining to friends the benefits of taking cannabis instead of taking pharmaceutically prescribed medications, especially when taken by the use of edibles or a vaporizer. The problems ever evident are that of countries imposing strict drug laws and producing mass propoganda on the cannabis debate issue. In conjuction the large companies can produce and market these products which are advised by chemists and doctors a like whom show confidence in the use of them and give little warning to the health dangers associated. I think this is a large reason why it is hard to persuade people to consider medical marijuana as opposed to what your local GP would recommend. It is much harder to persuade people in countries and nations that do not institue a goverment which supports medical marijuana and has outlawed the plant as totally illegal.
lindzzz | Nov 13, 2011
Interesting information about the quality of sleep when using medical cannabis. Those strong and dangerous sleeping pills are no joke, and doctors seem to prescribe them with the nonchalance of an aspirin regimen.