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Green Smoke E Cigs

Electronic cigarettes, also known as E-cigs, are becoming increasingly popular among American consumers. Not only are they far healthier alternative, but they do not have the stench often associated with traditional cigarettes. Green Smoke is already becoming a leading supplier of electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes look just like regular cigarettes, except they are constructed out of porcelain and do not provide any actual smoke. Green Smoke cigarettes contain liquid tobacco vapor in the “filter” of the cigarette. To get a hit of the vapor you take a drag, as you normally would on a traditional cigarette. The difference is that this vapor is not smoke and thus, is much healthier. It works by a battery inside the “body” of the cigarette activating a heating mechanism, known as an atomizer. The battery activates this heat source each time a drag is taken on the Green Smoke cigarette. This heating mechanism heats up the vapor in the “filter” and generates a smooth, rich and flavorful inhale for the consumer. Unlike most of the competition, Green Smoke cigarettes actually leave the smoker smelling good. While other electronic cigarettes don’t smell like regular cigs, they don’t smell particularly good either. Green Smoke cigarettes actually smell good! There is also never any ash or residue from Green Smoke cigarettes and you’ll never have to deal with finding an ashtray for stinky cigarette butts. Another great advantage to Green Smoke cigarettes is that you can smoke them practically anywhere. Most airlines still do not allow them, but almost anywhere else you can think of they are allowed. Now you don’t have to step outside and miss critical moments of a movie at the theater, just because you want a cigarette. The vapor volume contained in each E-cig is also the highest of any electronic cigarette. See? The perks keep getting better and better, although they don’t stop there. How does free shipping sound? You got it. That’s just another advantage of going through Green Smoke. Cig Reviews also offers a 30-day money back guarantee and green smoke coupons for 16% off. Not many other electronic cigarette companies will offer this kind of consumer protection. In essence, this means that if for some reason you don’t like one of the 4 flavors offered, or are otherwise unsatisfied, the manufacturer will refund your money. Green Smoke also offers a 1-year warranty on all their electronic cigarette products. This warranty also covers each one of 5 various “kits” they offer. Whether it’s the Pro Kit or simply a Disposable, Green Smoke has you covered. The 4 flavors Green Smoke offers can be included or combined in any one of their “kits.” The flavors offered are Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Red Label Tobacco and Menthol Ice. The Absolute Tobacco flavor is smooth, traditional tobacco. The flavor can be compared to American Spirit. Tobacco Gold offers a flavor remarkably similar to a fine Latin cigar. The flavor is rich and robust, yet sweet and candy-like. The Red Label Tobacco is not for the feint of heart – er, lung; not that it’s bad for your lungs. The flavor is deeply intense, bold and woody. It’s comparable to a Marlboro Red, perhaps with a step up in terms of quality though. Menthol Ice is offered to consumers who want a crisp, clean and refreshing inhale. Who would have ever thought smoking a cigarette could be so much like breathing fresh mountain air? Okay, well maybe not quite, but you get the idea. So now we’re wondering why you’re still reading this. You should be visiting Green Smoke and ordering one of their many “kits.” Now you can enjoy a relatively healthy alternative to regular cigarettes. Face it, regular cigarettes are a thing of the past. Electronic cigarettes are likely here to stay.
Guest | Nov 7, 2013
somebody please come up with a method to create cannabis liquid for these please!