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Should Students Be Allowed To Have MMJ On Campus?
Fair or unfair?
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Can you believe some weed strains like Orange Crush only need 30 watts of light to mature? Believe it and read more to find out all about this phenomenon.
19 reviews
As we hear of more and more ways that cannabis can benefit our society, I really begin to question why this miracle plant is illegal.
16 reviews
While it's better to vaporize, smoking marijuana may not be all that bad for you, health-wise.
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Read this article to discover the unjust reasons our nation decided to outlaw a wonder drug.
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Got chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, nausea or cancer? Try some strains which are high in CBD.
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In reality, while driving sober is the best option, many people are actually more cautious when driving while stoned.
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Vaporizing your medication rather than smoking it may save not only your lungs, but your wallet as well.
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It's true, marijuana really is a cure-all medication.
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Unlike most pills prescribed for insomnia, medical cannabis will provide you much better sleep with much less risk.
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Did you know that George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson all grew marijuana? Not only that, Washington and Jefferson may have grown it for more than just hemp.
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Want to know how to really make sure you pass that drug test? I'll tell you one thing, it may take time.
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Shakespeare and Cannabis
References to "noted weeds" and "compounds strange" sparked a scientist's theory that Shakespeare smoked pot.
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Medical Marijuana and Children
When it comes to MMJ and children, the jury is still out. Some doctors think it's a valid, though not guaranteed, option. Others see it as just a "gateway" drug.
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Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized
My aim with this article is to inspire you to contact your state representative to change the legality of marijuana in your state, whether it be California or Tennessee.
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2011 Medical Cannabis Cup
Eager to hear the results of the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup? Here they are.
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Real on Medical Marijuana
Whether you're a patient or not, you probably partake in this harmless pastime.
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Sample MMJ label from The Werc Shop
Contaminants, bacteria, and best practices - Jeff Raber and The Werc Shop know about all of them, and want your local collective to know, as well.
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Significance of 420
Anyone even remotely into marijuana or drug culture recognizes the term "420," but most of them probably don't know where the term came from.
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Indica vs Sativa
The indica high tends toward calming influences, while the sativa offers an energizing buzz. Both can help relieve pain, but indica helps you sleep.
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What's a cannabis convention like? Imagine vendors, seminars and samples all with a focus on marijuana.
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Americas New Growth Industry
Banks don't want them. The IRS audits them almost as a matter of course. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are profitable businesses, but the profits come with a side of pain that cannabis can't cure.
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Working with Your MMJ Doctor
Patients have responsibilities, too. In order to maximize your medical marijuana care, you must be well informed.
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What if Cannabis Cured Cancer? a film by Len Richmond
Cannabis isn't just a drug, but a holistic treatment for many human ailments, says filmmaker Len Richmond. Learn more in his new movie "What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?"
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Medical hash is legal in CA
Hash, a federally illegal substance, is legal for medical marijuana patients in several states, including California.
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Cannabis Top Crop in America
Raking in over $40 billion annually, cannabis has roared its way to the top of the charts in terms of annual revenue generated.
44 reviews
Employment and medical cannabis
While ASA has been fighting this outrageous legality, progress has been minimal in amending this.
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Bill Maher
Top notch comics including Bill Maher and Joe Rogan, bring in the crowds for Howard Doverís ExtravaGanja, a comedy revue/medical marijuana benefit show.
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The Great CBD Hunt of 2011
Steep Hill Labs is offering a reward for previously unknown cannabis strains producing CBD content above 3%.
17 reviews
Pros vs. cons of medical marijuana
So you've just been prescribed medical cannabis. Learn all about both the positive as well as the negative effects of this medicine.
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THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol
Synthetic forms of THC are available by prescription, and known as Marinol, but most user agree that organic THC is more effective than anything from a lab.
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