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Afghan Blue 0 stars0 stars0 stars0 stars0 stars
If you find this strain in clone, bud or seed form we highly recommend you pick some up; of course you could always just order some seeds from the breeder.
0 reviews

Jack Hammer 0 stars0 stars0 stars0 stars0 stars
Just as the name implies, this potent strain will jack hammer its way into one's mind, in the best possible way of course.
0 reviews

D99 0 stars0 stars0 stars0 stars0 stars
With flavors of pure ecstasy and a potency to match, you're not going to want to pass up this strain.
0 reviews

Girl Scout Cookies 3.19 stars3.19 stars3.19 stars3.19 stars3.19 stars
After 9 - 10 weeks of flowering, you'll be able to legitimately say you've grown some primo medication.
164 reviews

Granddaddy Purple 3.66 stars3.66 stars3.66 stars3.66 stars3.66 stars
Let's face it, almost every purple strain of cannabis excites the senses on many levels, but Granddaddy Purple medical marijuana set the standards.
91 reviews

Sour Diesel 3.86 stars3.86 stars3.86 stars3.86 stars3.86 stars
Potent in smell, taste and highness, Sour Diesel medical cannabis is some of the finest marijuana available. Gain mad Sour Diesel knowledge and start benefiting today!
89 reviews

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Brea Medical Referral Network
405 S. State College Blvd ,Suite #207
Updated at: February 13th 2017

Industry Green Collective
2200 N Lakewood Blvd
Long Beach,California
Updated at: January 10th 2013

1 Love Beach Club
2767 E Broadway
Long Beach,California

Updated at: February 5th 2013

MedX Downtown Express Collective
441 1/2 E. 16th St
Los Angeles,California
Updated at: February 5th 2013

City Compassionate Caregivers
606 E. 4th St.
Los Angeles,California
Updated at: June 6th 2013

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Cinnamon Muffins 0 stars0 stars0 stars0 stars0 stars
Be careful as just one of these tasty morsels can cause some serious couch-lock.
0 reviews

Monster Munchie Balls 0 stars0 stars0 stars0 stars0 stars
Be careful with these because once they give you the munchies, you'll want to eat even more of them.
0 reviews

Chili Cheddar Mac Soup 0 stars0 stars0 stars0 stars0 stars
This hearty soup is sure to please anyone who wishes to warm up while medicating! It is extremely potent, so it's best to eat just one serving!
1 review

Tinctures 1.19 stars1.19 stars1.19 stars1.19 stars1.19 stars
Just 2 or 3 sprays on the back of your throat results in a nearly instantaneous medicated effect.
79 reviews

CannaButter 1.38 stars1.38 stars1.38 stars1.38 stars1.38 stars
Patience is definitely a virtue with the process of making quality Cannabis-infused butter. It will all be worth it once you see the end result however.
64 reviews

Brownies 1.92 stars1.92 stars1.92 stars1.92 stars1.92 stars
Marijuana edibles including pot brownies help millions of people to feel better every day with their THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids.
50 reviews

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